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27th Nov 2010 - Taramunui via the backroads

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And indeed we were back for breakfast. This turmed out to be a very tasty 3 egg omlette with chips. We think the eggs were very likely free range since we saw various hens scratching around. So we were late, mid day indeed, getting started. After which we did more of the lost highway but in very hot conditions. Early on a 360 video was done and note that it includes the snowy top of Mt Tongariro though you could easily think it was just a cloud. Keep your eyes on the horizon and look for an unusually low white cloud, which is actually snow.
guy on the taurange gorge roadAt 19kms or so the road became a track through the Tauranga Gorge. Mostly cycleable on our narrow tyres. That lasted about 12kms, and then another 60kms approx through to Taramunui. A train line criss crossed the road - but we never saw a train. In fact we've heard a very few trains but never seen one and they are evidently something of a rarity. Went to a holiday Park campsite - $14.5 each - after shopping at the four square supermarket. DB Export - a beer from 1958 was our choice today. Decent beer but not quite sure why it won awards. Some stunning views of the volcanic cones of the Tongariro National Park. But a very hot day and we ran short of food and water during the day since there was no food or water (river water was available but I only swam in that) for about 60 miles... 60 miles was out total mileage.

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