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Hello George

 on Thursday 22nd 2011f September 2011 10:05:41 PM

doing NZ in only 5 weeks

Well, if you have no choice about how long you\ve got to do NZ I\d recommend doing the South Island end to end, focussing on the West Coast, the Glaciers, touch at Curio Bay, back up via Oamaru and the back of Mt Cook, then (if time running out as I\d think it would be) get on a train back up to Picton somewhere in the region of Christchurch. You could finish the trip with some vineyards around Marlborough. Of course, if you can\t manage without volcanoes it is all quite different - head north from Wellington, winding around until you can do the one day Tongariro Crossing (on foot), see the area around Rotoroa, see Coromandel, perhaps do the East Cape (which we didn\t do tho\ it looks great) Back by bus, perhaps..

george hardy

 on Tuesday 20th 2011f September 2011 10:09:32 PM

fun read...

hi steve and guygreat to read about your travels - but if you have ONLY got five weeks at most what route would you recommend - can\t really take unpaid leave but want to do this by bike...george


 on Saturday 03rd 2011f September 2011 05:51:58 PM

Please add any comments or questions

Hope you enjoy the NZ bike ride story. Happy to have comments and questions via this guestbook. Best wishesSteve

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